Mother of Three Oil Users

Essential oils and kids are my favorite topics!! I am a mom of three. Grace is 16 years old, Nash is 7 and Emma is 5. All my kids use the oils and love them. My older daughter has the athletes kit in the Volleyball bag. Its perfect for all athletes. One of the essential oils in the athlete's kit is the Deep Blue Blend. Its perfect after a workout or sports practice, it soothes the body.  It's also every handy for growing kids, message a few drops with coconut oil on kids legs before bedtime. My son loves it!!  On guard is another one of my favorite blends. Nobody leaves my house without using this blend on the bottom of their feet. I am so relieved that this blend is available. As a mom keeping my family’s immune system at its peaks is one of my priorities. You know how crazy it can get when someone is under the weather especially a child. That means no sleep at night and days off of work not to mention how expensive it is. Co pays, doctors visits, sitting in a doctor's office waiting room with other sick kids, time off work and the list of inconveniences goes on. Well, now that we have been using this blend for the last three and half years, we have significantly reduced our seasonal threats in our home. I like to apply the oils on the bottom of my kids feet because the bottom of your feet have the largest pores. It absorbs the oils really fast. Another winner in our house has been Serenity, this amazing blend helps everyone get that much needed restful sleep. My daughter used to have issues staying asleep especially when the monster under her bed would be in bothering her.  With meat that she would come into our room wake us up and that would be the end of a good night sleep for everyone in the house. My husband has a very demanding job and he needs to have a solid 8 hours of restful sleep or else he is a mess the next day. Thank God we have these oils, I mix two drop of Serenity and 2 drops of Juniper Berry with 3 drops of coconut oil and apple it on her back. Problem solved!! She falls asleep and stays asleep all night long. If she happens to wake up she has her very own Monster Away Spray ( which is water and a few drops of serenity in a spray bottle) It's also a great tool  for her. She feels empowered and safe when those monsters show up.  These three blends will make such a difference in you life. I don’t know what we would do as parents without these precious gifts of the earth.  

sandra pascal